Nurse Practitioners


Nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat most common illnesses Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses with advanced academic degrees and clinical experience who can diagnose and treat most common illnesses. Our Nurse Practitioners work in collaboration with Dr. Goodman, prescribing medication and focusing on patient education.


Valerie Palmere Scott 
Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Nationally Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Valerie P. Scott has over 30 years of nursing experience, with 14 years of specialized experience in Rheumatology. She began her nursing career in cardiothoracic surgery and quickly advanced to positions as Open Heart Surgery Coordinator and Neurosurgical Coordinator. She served as Nurse Manager of an orthopedic/neuro-surgical wing at a local hospital, as well as Nurse Manager for their skilled nursing unit. As Staff Education Coordinator for a local medical center, Valerie was responsible for training the medical and surgical staff, and directing patient care. Valerie began graduate nursing studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and received her Master of Science in Nursing from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. She is nationally board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Prior to coming to ARC, Valerie provided primary acute and chronic care for a number of years to patients of all ages, in outpatient, inpatient and nursing home settings. With over 14 years of specialized experience in Rheumatology, Mrs. Scott's professional mission statement is "to provide excellent rheumatologic care with Christian love and compassion."

  Amy Stinson
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Amy Stinson is a dedicated nationally Board Certified Adult and Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, with 10 years of nursing experience, and an accomplished background managing acute and chronic illnesses. Amy brings specialized experience to ARC in the areas of nephrology, orthopedics, and family medicine. Her specialized experience in nephrology included providing acute care to critically ill inpatients with multiple co-existing conditions, as well as ongoing outpatient care to dialysis patients. Amy provided specialized orthopedic care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She was responsible for assisting in surgery and post-op care of orthopedic surgical patients, as well as caring for various orthopedic issues at an independent orthopedic clinic. Amy most recently provided ongoing medical care to patients in an outpatient family practice setting where she was responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic illnesses, as well as the evaluation and treatment of urgent care needs. She is proficient in the administration of joint injections, and the interpretation of X-rays and lab values. Amy received her Master of Science in Nursing from Northwestern State University College of Nursing in Shreveport as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.
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